Crazy Craft Corner
3 Stadler Street         Belchertown Ma
413-323-4 fun
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Welcome to the
Crazy Craft Corner

Providing classes and workshops for groups of all ages
So take some time ...kick back and let your creative juices flow!

There are no strangers here....Just friends you haven't met yet!

Who We Are:

The Crazy Craft Corner  was created for students and the community of all ages and abilities,  so they can learn the necessary skills to create their own crafts and projects. The Crazy Craft Corner is run by experienced craftspeople wanting to help, teach and assist you and your friends to design and create your next craft projects.

What We Can Offer You:

You will be pleased to find the wide variety of craft classes that you will have access to. We offer many workshops for those interested in learning from local artists and craftspeople who also have been crafting or teaching workshops for years. Most of the classes and workshops are available for adults, but we do offer workshops specially designed for children (8 years and up). If you or anyone you know is interested in holding a workshop or teaching a class, please let us know!  New ideas are always welcome!


Check out our dates and times for our upcoming workshops periodically as they change weekly.


The Crazy Craft Corner is located in the
Stadler Street Shops (rte. 202) in Belchertown Ma.


Would you like to make donations to the Crazy Craft Corner?  Do you have an odd collection of things hanging around your house?
We are looking for  crazy things that can be used to make or decorate our craft project and to help embellish our design work! Such as yarn, thread, buttons, fabric, paper etc.

Contact Information:

Sue Hevey

Phone: 413-323-4 FUN
Crazy Craft Corner
Address: 3 Stadler Street
Belchertown, Ma. 01007


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